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18 September 2015 @ 09:51 pm
Round 73: King Tutankhamun (from the Mini Series TUT)  
Well here goes nothing, set of 20 icons for the character TUT in the mini series TUT.
So love this character... (for the challenge 73 @characters 20in20)


Casting Call Curly Text Earth Toned Embarrased Favorite Scene
Full Body Behind Pink Sad Sound Effect Symbol


Circle Square Star Heart Triangle


artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5

Comments are so much loved here.. 
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Sofia: tv➜h. will –shadowstturners on September 18th, 2015 05:06 pm (UTC)
Aaah TUT! I really like these icons, my favourites are: casting call, curly text, embarrassed, sad, sound effect, symbol, circle, triangle, AC #1, #3 and #5!
Shivika: Poldark-1spiritcoda on September 18th, 2015 05:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much... totally had fun making them...
Patricia de Lioncourt: darkwillowpatriciatepes on September 18th, 2015 10:59 pm (UTC)
These are awesome. Totally haven't seen this. I think Sound Effect was my overall favorite. But I also like AC 3 and Triangle.
Shivika: Richard-Kahlanspiritcoda on September 19th, 2015 03:27 am (UTC)
Totally should watch it.. based on a the true legend.. boy pharaoh..
Thanks so much
Taralancelotfan on September 19th, 2015 01:27 am (UTC)
gorgeous icons! :)
Shivika: Benedictspiritcoda on September 19th, 2015 03:28 am (UTC)
thanks so much...
twisted_slinkytwisted_slinky on September 19th, 2015 01:30 am (UTC)
I've yet to see Tut, but I'll have to hunt it down and watch it. Your AC line is amazing--I love every single one of them. Nicely done!
Shivika: Steve-Hawaiispiritcoda on September 19th, 2015 03:29 am (UTC)
Totally... its worth watching it... its every emotionally at the end...
Thanks so much..
havershavers on September 19th, 2015 12:40 pm (UTC)
Cool set.

Is this show about Tutankhamun? Oh, I need to tell my mom. She would love it.
Shivika: Steve-Hawaiispiritcoda on September 20th, 2015 04:00 pm (UTC)
yes it is.. the boy pharaoh... you should... my mom loved it as well..
roseemrysroseemrys on September 19th, 2015 06:06 pm (UTC)
These are really cool! I like Curly Text, Favorite Scene (great coloring), Sad (just fantastic), Cat #1, Cat #5 (very clever), AC #2 (great texture use), and AC #5.
Shivika: Poldark-1spiritcoda on September 20th, 2015 04:01 pm (UTC)
wow.. thanks so much...
Heathersetentpet on September 21st, 2015 09:48 pm (UTC)
I really like your blending on AC2 and your crop on sad. Nice work!
Shivika: ToRise-GOTspiritcoda on September 22nd, 2015 03:46 am (UTC)
Thanks so much...
bad_numbersbad_numbers on September 24th, 2015 08:24 pm (UTC)
wow, i just.. wow, great icons. and this actor is so gorgeous i think it's hard to make a bad icon of him though :) faves in this amazing set are embarrassed, pink, sad, star and ac 1, xo.
Tinny: merlin_colin gets me bytinnny on September 27th, 2015 07:54 am (UTC)
Cool set! I like the light effect in Full Body Behind, and the composition in the category set, especially Circle and Triangle. Symbol, AC #1 and 2 are great, too.
Shivikaspiritcoda on October 5th, 2015 05:00 am (UTC)
thanks so much
Jamie: buffy ; earshot ; amusedhermionesparkle on October 5th, 2015 03:29 am (UTC)
Nice set! I like casting call, earth toned, sad, symbol, & triangle.
Shivika: Benedictspiritcoda on October 5th, 2015 05:00 am (UTC)
thanks a million