Shivika (spiritcoda) wrote in creativehangout,

Life Begins Again

I know I have been silent for some time now and I thought I do another comeback after this exciting time spent stuck. Well, life is trying to turn back around and each country is struggling to return to the #newNormal as everyone is calling it.

So how is your struggle been so far? I would love to know who is with me till in Livejournal and what is happening. I am trying to be active now and do some challenges.

I have come up with some exciting new textures and I will be launching soon my website, but I thought even though I do have my site, I still want to have this. It was something that I loved and share my work, my inspiration and it was the beginning of my art career.

Here are some "About Me Banners I thought you guys could enjoy (I had done them for a friend)

Photo Credit- @unsplash

Photo Credit- @unsplash

Please send in your request for any type of banner on my request post

Have a great day everyone ....

Tags: #newnormal
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